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Celebrate the freelancers' power to make a difference!

On 8 - 10 June, freelance journalists from all across the world will come together for the Freelance journalism empowerment conference to gain new skills, create meaningful connections and celebrate the power of the community to make a difference.

The freelance journalism community has proven, time and again, its ability to uncover and produce quality, independent and innovative stories on the world’s most dire challenges. Freelancers make a difference with their journalism work, a power that may now be more necessary than ever.

Join and enjoy sessions on:

🗣️ Pitching stories successfully | 🤝 Collaboration and cross-border journalism | 📸 Storytelling trends and audience engagement | 💪 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion| 🤳 Tik-Tok, Instagram and Twitter for freelance journalists | 📈 Data and mobile journalism | 🌎 Solutions journalism | 💡Slow journalism | 🏆 Freelancers' best practices.

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3 day event

Youtube + Zoom


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The future of freelance journalism is collaborative

Creating new connections to join forces and work together is the first step to address the freelance community’s challenges. Freelance journalists thrive when they overcome competition and cooperate. This not only empowers the community but also improves representation and diversity in the news. Despite this, many freelancers still become isolated in their work and struggle to tap into the journalism community’s resources. Tabea Grzeszyk, CEO and co-founder of Hostwriter, wants to explore solutions to this challenge.

This session will explore the power of collaborating across borders or even within the same country or city. It will focus on methods to build contacts that are mutually beneficial, share research and foster collaboration. In the era of growing distrust of news media, this session will illustrate how collaborative journalism improves diversity in the news and contributes to trust and good journalism.

Tabea Grzeszyk

CEO & publisher - Hostwriter/ Unbias the News



Boosting human interest stories through multimedia journalism

A freelance journalist or a freelance collective will showcase their experiences and practices reporting on global challenges.

Speaker: TBA



Tweet like a pro (#StopUsingRedundantHashtags)

Twitter has become an essential tool for freelance journalists. The platform can boost one’s profile, broaden professional networks and provide a channel that directly connects freelancers with their audiences. But so many journalists are not using the social media platform to its full potential. Dana Regev, Social Media Editor at Deutsche Welle, wants to help you optimize your Twitter game.

In this session, you will be guided through the process of building an impactful and engaging Twitter presence. We will explore networking techniques, leveraging trends, audience engagement and media sharing. Whether you’re a Twitter newbie or an established user, we’ll help you expand your reach, increase traction and get more eyes on the stories you want to share.

Dana Regev

Senior Editor, Social Media - Deutsche Welle



Slow News vs Infodemic: is another journalism possible?

Have you heard about the revolution of slow journalism? The barrage of information that is dumped on us daily can be overwhelming. The speed of the Twitter-age and 24-hour news cycle has made it difficult for even the most seasoned journalists to keep up. Slow journalism is what can help us sift through the noise. Join this session with Alberto Puliafito, director and co-founder of Slow News who will explore the opportunities in this growing movement responding to the crisis of traditional journalism.

During the session, you will learn the key concepts behind slow journalism. We will cover how to create innovative and unique stories, pitch slow journalism ideas to editors, know the best practices and explore successful cases. By slowing things down and discovering the stories people miss, we can strengthen our ability to produce great journalism.

Alberto Puliafito

Editor in Chief - Slow News



Grab a coffee & move your legs



Panel: Join the Force: how to create a successful freelance collective or crossborder team

More and more freelancers are starting to collaborate cross-border and created freelance collectives. These initiatives have proven to empower the community, improve the quality of journalism, create impact and improve diversity in the news. In this session groups of freelancers and freelance collectives will showcase their experiences.

Panelists: TBA

Mercy Abang

Editor - Unbiasthenews/ International Journalist



Breakout room 1: Working alone not anymore: what you need to know to work in crossborder teams

Do you want to start collaborating across borders but you don't know where to start? The n-ost Cross-Border Playbook is a guide drawn from the experiences of a pioneering group of cross-border journalists. In this hands-on workshop, they explain how you can use the Playbook to get your research started, what tools you can use, and how you can collaborate effectively across borders in practice. Learn how to create a team, find cross-border stories, tips to pitch and get commissioned and how to develop the research.

Anne Hoffmann

Journalist, writer and radio producer

Ties Gijzel

Partnership developer, Argos, VPRO

Lorelei Mihala

Freelance journalist /Communication expert

Ada Petriczko

Freelance journalist and editor - Multiple media



Breakout room 2: Cross-border as a Mindset: troubleshooting for cross-border collaborations

This hands-on workshop focuses on the mindset of cross-border collaboration, and focus on issues that can arise when people from different backgrounds work together, as well as other stumbling blocks such as how to put together a team. There will be a chance to troubleshoot and discuss individual cases, share experiences, learning outcomes and tips amongst the attendees. We also look into specific challenges that have arisen due to restricted travel during the pandemic, and ways to tackle those. Cross-border journalists of all levels are welcome!

Julia Vernersson

Chief Operating Officer - Hostwriter

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